30 Days Of Summer Project

These are a collection of photos that I captured during my "30 days of Summer" project. I didn't just want to create a decent image each day, I really wanted to create a decent "storytelling" image each day. Honestly it's not easy, it's really hard actually. On some days magic joined me and I fell in love with a moment and was able to captured it, but mostly I struggled through it wondering how on earth photographers complete a 365 day photo project.  I can see my signature "portraiture" style in most of these images but a few of them I felt where true storytelling images, which means there was growth. What I got most out of this project came as a surprize for me because when i went looking for the "story" I usually found it alongside my older boys. Before this project I had convinced myself that they were the hardest subjects for me to photograph, a delightful discovery.  


4/30   Staying Close


7/30   Baseball Mum


8/30   Basketball Mum


16/30   when your losing at the Carnival and your brothers are winning


18/30   Salt Free


20/30   Impromptu Swim 


22/30   He came with the broccoli 


24/30   Evenings by the Seashore


28/30   Hide n' Seek


30/30   Fishing Squad